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Donate Here You can help a good Cause or Charity that you care about by donating directly here. Or by purchasing from the site a generous percentage of any sale will be donated to them, It couldn’t be easier!
Fundraise Here iBuy2Give supports Charities, Fundraisers and Good Causes to raise money. So whether you need ongoing funds, or have a specific campaign you wish to raise money for, set up an account today and start fundraising!
Sell Here If you are an online retailer selling products or services then why not sell them on iBuy2Give? A percentage of each sale will go to Good Causes and Charities. But now the clever bit, this percentage is taken from the cut that iBuy2Give takes so you don’t lose out!

How it works

Active Causes

Total donated with iBuy2Give £2.36
Kidney Research UK
Total donated with iBuy2Give £1.36
Total donated with iBuy2Give £0.59
Cats Protection
Total donated with iBuy2Give £2.75
Wakefield Trinity Community Trust
Total donated with iBuy2Give £0.12
RSPCA West Gwynedd Branch
Total donated with iBuy2Give £1.31
The Big Issue Foundation
Total donated with iBuy2Give £0.00
Manorfield Primary School
Total donated with iBuy2Give £0.00
Bradford Disability Football Club


Your chosen Charity or Good Cause will receive funds when you shop here or you can just donate

Featured Products

iBuy2Give donates £3.64
Seller donates £0.00
Versus Versace Womens Quartz Watch Logo Stainless Steel With White Leather Strap
iBuy2Give donates £0.34
Seller donates £0.00
Dual Charging Dock Station for Xbox One Wireless Controller With 2 x Batteries
iBuy2Give donates £1.95
Seller donates £0.00
Emporio Armani 9P461
iBuy2Give donates £2.83
Seller donates £0.00
Adidas Superstar
iBuy2Give donates £34.15
Seller donates £0.00
£1,179.00 £975.99
iBuy2Give donates £5.03
Seller donates £0.00
Blauer 3065
£172.80 £143.99
iBuy2Give donates £1.99
Seller donates £0.00
Laura Biagiotti 5958-19
£68.85 £56.99
iBuy2Give donates £4.75
Seller donates £0.00
Television Philips 24PHS4304 24" HD USB Black
iBuy2Give donates £0.72
Seller donates £0.00
Smart watch, smart watch sports watch smart watch fitness tracker with pedometer
iBuy2Give donates £3.95
Seller donates £0.00
Love Moschino JC4227PP08KD
£188.10 £112.99